About Us

The brain child of Tool & Eye was created in 2017 at a time when I realised that if we support our community, whatever that may be, it will succeed. As time went on and the pandemic came around the idea started to make even more sense. The goal of Tool & Eye is to be a platform for those that may not get enough exposure, help young designers & makers grow in their industry, and connect people together that can help each other. We are a collective of different brands & makers that want our city to know who we are. Our motivation comes from motivating others, as well as watching our community grow and succeed. 
I've always wanted to figure out a way for all my friends from different industries to work together. Whether its a quick referral for a friend or working together I've always wanted to create a platform to help my friends, community & places that I love succeed and make new connections. The more we can build each other up, the longer we will be here for years to come.
From Toronto with love,